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A genderless society, political intrigue and a journey across 800 miles of ice… Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness was (and is) a groundbreaking, gender-bending 1969 novel that tracks Genly Ai on a trek across the cold, isolated planet of Gethen — a place where human beings are neither female nor male, and society is (in theory) not defined by gender. This weekend is your last chance to see the world premiere of a stage adaptation by Portland Playhouse and Hand2Mouth, with director Jonathan Walters and playwright John Schmor — get tickets at Portland Playhouse.

Portland Playhouse hangs its shingle at a petite, converted chapel in Northeast Portland. Their mission is to continually reinvent the means by which plays are heard and spoken.  We’ll keep you updated on Season Six which includes Detroit by Lisa D’Amour, The Other Place by Sharr White and Jitney by August Wilson among others.

You can also catch our interview with Ursula K. Le Guin from October, 2011.

yeah, and my right hand aint too bright either.

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    I love that cover, and the adaptation looks really interesting too.
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    yeah, and my right hand aint too bright either.
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    The play in Portlan aside, I am reading this right now ( about 30% into the story) and I am liking it. I always pondered...
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